No other word best describes me than the word grateful. Since picking up a camera, I have had the opportunity to document some of the world’s most talented athletes, musicians, innovators, and artists. Along the way, I learned under some of the best in the business while traveling, assisting, and shooting documentary and commercial assignments for companies like National Geographic, Google, RedBull, and Toyota. While on assignments, I have managed to get my work featured in major publications and televised nationally. But I don't want to steer too far away from the family tree because my upbringing has a lot to do with my work. My blood line runs thick of hard working painters, preachers, German butchers, Southern farmers, interior designers, and even a dump truck driver. Growing up around passionate and entrepreneurial people taught me to pay attention to every little detail. My work is a blend of youthful energy, sharp aesthetics, and what feels natural. I like to lean more towards organic use of color, composition, and life. Pushing my work beyond what is expected to surprise my clients/myself on every project is a quality that has allowed me to grow as an artist and I am thankful for every second.


Currently working remotely on documentary & commercial assignments.

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