Zach Hellmuth is an American commercial filmmaker, photographer, designer, and conservationist specializing in advertising, documentaries, music videos, and ocean relief initiatives. His work has been published in Rollingstone, VIBE, Billboard, ESPN, and the Washington Post. When not on assignment, he leads environmental projects that focus on building sustainable “living shorelines” with oyster reefs, creating powerful awareness campaigns, and researching/developing innovative aquaculture and coastal restoration processes. 


“No other word best describes me than the word grateful. Since picking up a camera, I have had the opportunity to document some of the world’s most talented athletes, musicians, innovators, and artists. Along the way, I learned under some of the best in the business (Brain Farm Digital Cinema creators of Travis Rice’s legendary snowboard film “Art of Flight”) while traveling, assisting, and shooting documentary and commercial assignments for National Geographic, RedBull, and Toyota. While on assignments, I have managed to get my work featured in major publications like Rollingstone Magazine and have directed commercials televised nationally on ESPN. But I don't want to steer too far away from the family tree because my upbringing has a lot to do with my work. My blood line runs thick of hard working painters, preachers, German butchers, Southern farmers, interior designers, and even a dump truck driver. Growing up around passionate and entrepreneurial people taught me to pay attention to every little detail. My work is a blend of youthful energy, sharp aesthetics, and what feels natural. I like to lean more towards organic use of color, composition, and life. Pushing my work beyond what is expected to surprise my clients/myself on every project is a quality that has allowed me to grow as an artist and I am thankful for every second.” - Zach